HARVEY, Ill. – (May 16, 2022) Southland Development Authority (SDA) announced Tuesday that it will partner with the Harvey community to improve home quality for needy families. This Tuesday’s announcement heralds a new era of community-focused development and partnership.

The project’s initiative will see at least ten city homes built with the help of Black-owned company contractors in partnership with SDA. This will allow the community to become more equally aligned and give people a chance at personal and professional success.

The houses will have standard amenities and the latest in-home technological appliances to ensure that the homeowners have the most comfortable and efficient living experience possible. In doing so, they will maintain energy efficiency, along with safety concerns, ensuring the needs of the owners and families, big or small, are met.

In addition, the Harvey Housing Initiative aims to improve access to and cost of transportation for homeowners. Each of the ten homes will be conveniently located near and around the Harvey Transportation Center, which includes public transit buses to and from locations throughout the south suburbs and the City of Chicago. Convenient access to public transit options for various needs, whether it is commuting to work or leisure activities, will help lower costs for homeowners.

SDA intends to continue its relationship with the City of Harvey and the Harvey Housing Initiative with plans to redevelop at least 100 homes by the end of 2025.

Given the financial burden of many residents of Harvey, SDA’s overarching goal is simple: to allow aspiring or returning homeowners to live in Harvey with fair and affordable housing options and convenient access to public transportation.

About Southland Development Authority

The Southland Development Authority is a nonprofit business organization launched in 2019 by business, civic, and political leaders from around the Southland who recognize the potential of the region’s people, businesses, and real estate. Our mission is to bring the resources and capacity needed to achieve transformative, inclusive economic growth for the south suburbs with a focus on investments in the Southland’s communities, industry, housing, and workforce.

We work steadfastly to connect Southland business owners, investors, and individuals with key resources to operate and thrive in the region. From equipping mid-size and small businesses in our Business Growth Services Program with customized advice and consulting services to helping local residents access the tools needed to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, the Southland Development Authority is a powerful partner for any individual, business, or initiative. With a deep institutional knowledge of the Southland’s people, markets, and history and our multifaceted, experienced team, the Southland Development Authority is a powerful partner for any individual, business, or investor.

About the Harvey Housing Initiative in Partnership with SDA

Harvey is part of Cook County in the Chicagoland area and is home to over 30,000 people. The Southland Development Authority (SDA) aims to provide adequate housing for those seeking a better living arrangement. Doing so provides resources and an opportunity for those who want to become successful personally and professionally.

To learn more about the partnership, please visit the SDA website.