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The Southland Development Authority, acting with speed and predictability,  provides the expertise and resources to work with businesses, residents and communities and undertake large-scale developments. Looking for assistance? Book a complimentary call with one of our consultants:

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  • Cross-sector collaboration to conceive and execute inclusive growth strategies – from industrial parks to innovation centers to comprehensive community development.
  • Market analysis, business planning, market development, innovation support
  • Financial support to implement new business plans; assistance with loan packaging and brokering; securing longer-term financing; connecting businesses with additional equity investors
  • Workforce training to engage current and new employees in new business policies, procedures, customer service and technology
  • Assistance linking firms with procurement opportunities


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Our role

Southland Development Authority is designed to drive comprehensive regional economic development, marshaling resources, managing strategy and coordinating projects and initiatives in unparalleled ways across the Southland communities. SDA:

  • Provides targeted and professional business advice and assistance
  • Coordinates and manages economic development strategy among stakeholders and partners including businesses, investors, community organizations, chambers of commerce, municipal and county governments
  • Attracts major financial resources including RFPs
  • Enables abandoned and tax delinquent land Transfers through the Land Bank
  • Attracts and manages major financial resources including Industrial Revenue Bonds, New Markets Tax Credits, Low Income Housing Tax Credits, Historic Rehabilitation Credits, and Qualified Opportunity Zone funds 

Building on its close working relationships with the County and municipalities, SDA can efficiently shepherd entitlements, TIFs, and other local subsidy sources.

SDA has the ability to take on the entrepreneurial risks to support coordination, conception and pre-development of large projects, partnering to offset early risks and costs, enabling more productive private sector investment and development.

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We can provide resources for business owners, investors, and individuals to achieve growth and prosperity within the Chicago Southland region.

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