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  • Conceives and manages comprehensive, large-scale developments, such as a food manufacturing innovation park or coordinated workforce housing
  • Identifies sites and obtains site control
  • Conceptualizes projects and assembles or leads development teams
  • Sources and assembles project financing
  • Re-brands the Southland as a region with strong, investible assets, compelling growth opportunities and an identity attractive to firms and residents
  • Coordinates regional responses to major new policy initiatives at state and federal levels
  • Identifies key industrial/commercial development sites and residential properties to hold and transfer in preparation for redevelopment through close collaboration with the two Land Banks in Cook County
  • Develops, co-develops or supports the development of dedicated multi-tenant industrial and commercial facilities, including:
    • “Innovation Parks,” where manufacturers, suppliers and distributors within a particular industry can co-locate, share technology and other resources, and form a broader collaborative network to support market and industry growth, as well as increased innovation and productivity for participating firms
    • Targeted, strategic commercial development, redeveloping vacant or existing underutilized properties
  • Supports private developers of multifamily rental housing targeted to seniors and families
    • Supports the rehabilitation and refinance of overleveraged and foreclosed single family homes by assisting in land assembly and title clearance and providing subordinate debt to undertake capital repairs and improvements
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We provide pre-development and development resources for business owners, developers and investors to succeed in the Southland.

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