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assembling successful tools

Our approach

next-economy innovation

Our deal portfolio

Southland Development Authority and partners are building a development portfolio that positions the Southland as a major global center for next-economy, inclusive growth – making the Southland the most productive place for people and firms to innovate, prosper and grow.

The Authority takes a unique approach to assembling its development portfolio:

  • Identify existing, key concentrations of assets in the Southland (e.g., industries, workforce,  housing, infrastructure, innovation activities and organizational capacity)
  • Strategically invest in these assets, building upon their strengths and opportunities to add greater value
  • Augment these investments with supporting business, civic and government collaborations. Align and create synergies between all investments, assembling a portfolio of projects that, together, make the Southland the most productive and competitive area for industries, firms, and people in the region

This approach has resulted in a wide-ranging development portfolio, including:

  • Major industrial parks and industry innovation centers that strengthen the region’s strategic clusters (such as Food Manufacturing, MM&E, TD&L)
  • Sophisticated business services and finance, particularly to enable businesses owned by people of color and women to lead in major and emerging industries
  • Partnering to prepare the best-qualified workforce for the region’s growing industries
  • Development of the housing and retail amenities that attract and retain residents in the Southland
  • Projects that build consensus among civic, private-sector and cross-sector institutions to foster inclusive economic growth
resources, expertise and funding

The Southland Development Authority assembles the right tools

The Authority ends the fracturing of resources, expertise, and funding that slows the region’s growth. We help transform the Southland by assembling the tools needed for scaled, inclusive economic development.

Products and services offered by the Southland Development Authority
Non-financial services

Loans & grants for housing, small business, workforce, other program support

New, targeted financing for targeted businesses and growth needs (e.g. diversity scale-up fund)

Secure and package CDFI, tax credits, IRBs, Opportunity Zone, other government and programmatic funding

Predevelopment & construction financing; longer-term patient capital

Package & more effectively deliver infrastructure, programs, etc.

Point of Entry and Booster for south suburban economic development, including consistent branding and marketing

Research, program development, partner engagement, coordination, etc.

Deal conception, predevelopment, land assembly, remediation, development partner
Diversity & Inclusion

Inclusion is a guiding principle

We focus on inclusive growth in the region, recognizing that the places that use all of their assets grow more, and more sustainably. This economic growth creates long-term value through increased productivity and participation of more people and firms, particularly those that have historically been left on the sidelines of the economy. The Authority empowers everyone to own and drive the enormous wealth creation emerging in today’s economy.

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