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Doing Business: Owner—Large industries

Food and beverage manufacturing and packaging

Chicagoland is the second-largest center of food manufacturing in the country, and the industry is concentrated in the Southland. Dramatic changes in the industry are creating opportunities for new and growing firms, and demand for co-packing, new technologies, product and market development, and other services.  The Southland Development Authority is leading the development of a major food manufacturing Innovation Park to drive industry growth in the Southland.

The Innovation Park will provide a suite of products and services primarily targeted to:

  • Established, mid-sized firms adapting to a rapidly changing food industry
  • Small, growing firms emerging from the area’s incubators and shared kitchens

The Park includes:

  • A state-of-the-art operation for co-packing
  • Innovation support including product and packaging development and piloting
  • Advanced food processing training in IT, automation, ingredient traceability, packaging and quality certifications
  • Workforce development
Doing Business: Owner—Large industries

Metals, machinery and equipment (MME)

The City of Big Shoulders is renowned for its manufacturing prowess, and much of it started, is built upon and driven by the MME industry centered in the Southland. 

To leverage and grow this critical industry, the Southland Development Authority is launching a Metals Hub.  The Hub, led by local MME business leaders, will be an industry-led organization which:

  • Sources major market opportunities suitable for combinations of MME firms in the Southland
  • Builds partnerships and supply chains among companies to bid on larger projects
  • Provides technology, financing and other resources to increase productivity and competitiveness of firms
  • Otherwise supports firm and industry growth in the Southland as needs and opportunities are identified by members

Our team is in the field now, working with MME executives and industry partners to launch the Metals Hub. To learn more click the “Press Release” or “Overview” text below:

Please contact us to join the effort!

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Doing Business: Owner—Large industries

Transportation, distribution and logistics (TD&L)

The Southland, of course, is one of the leading centers in the nation for TD&L. This is where the rails, highways and rivers meet to bring goods in and out of the region. 

The Southland Development Authority is working to create a Center for Smart Logistics that will facilitate the development, testing, and application of automated technology for inland ports, intermodal logistics centers, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and e-fulfillment centers, leveraging the strengths of the South Suburbs’ logistics industry.

Potential products and services of the Center:

  • Testing environment
  • Software simulation
  • Product and system development (both collaborative and proprietary)
  • Engineering and logistics services—customized applications and deployment
  • Market research and development
  • Workforce training
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