SOUTH HOLLAND, Ill. – When the next generation of musical talent comes to mind, specifically in the Southland area just outside Chicago, Senses to Soul School of Music is synonymous in that space.

Senses To Soul School of Music is a vibrant educational institution located in South Holland, IL, dedicated to offering affordable music lessons to both young people and adults. Founded and led by Allen C. Kern, the school is committed to personal development and community enhancement through music education. It provides a nurturing environment for building self-esteem, social skills, and confidence, while also positively impacting academic growth. The school offers flexible scheduling with lessons available from Monday to Saturday, aiming to make quality music instruction accessible to a broader community.

Adam Kern, president of Senses to Soul, utilized Southland Development Authority after recognizing that due to the growing nature of the business, he needed more space to accommodate the needs of his clients, all with a goal of capitalizing on their musical crafts.

Kern said one of his biggest hurdles is ensuring his company finances are maintained, especially in a transitional period where space is maximized to its fullest extent.

“With the help of SDA, my business is growing,” Kern said. “One of the key challenges I’m facing now is keeping my financial books maintained. I had fallen behind. I appreciate the opportunity provided by SDA in connecting me to Ringold Financial.”

Kern said Ringold Financial was able to help him see the bigger picture regarding his business’s financial struggles with the utilization of QuickBooks, which was a much-needed organizational structure change.

“Through Ringold, I was introduced to Quickbooks,” Kern said. “I was assigned to an agent who instructed me on the specific documents needed to develop my cash flow entries into Quickbooks. Ringold inputted all of my 2022 information and gave me Quickbooks training.”

Kern said Ringold’s guidance was exactly what he needed to figure out necessary requirements to take out a loan to move the business forward. The pair worked together to input data across a seven-month timeframe, from December 2022 to July 2023.

After working with SDA, Kern said he learned a lot about himself as a business owner and what changes he needs to make managerially, both through more hiring efforts and his own management practices to keep everything running smoothly across all facets.

“The most important lesson that I learned from my experience with Ringold is that I need to move my role from technical to more managerial,” he said. “I will begin planning to do that.”

To book a lesson or learn more about Senses to Soul School of Music, visit their website here.

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