Ashley Harris, the owner of Glitz Fix Waxing Studio in South Holland, Illinois, wasn’t just determined to run a business; she was determined to build a dream.

Ashley’s journey began with a vision: to create a welcoming space where clients could feel confident and beautiful, empowered by the smooth, radiant results of her expert waxing services. But as any entrepreneur knows, dreams don’t always translate seamlessly into reality. Recognizing the challenges of securing and retaining qualified employees, Ashley knew she needed more than just talent and passion and she sought guidance from the Southland Development Authority on September 2023.

Through this connection, Ashley was paired with an experienced consultant from SDA’s Business Growth Services business unit, who helped her reshape the future of Glitz Fix Waxing Studio. Together, they developed a robust Hiring Process Plan, streamlined Standard Operating Procedures for onboarding, and created a Customer Retention Action Plan. These initiatives laid a solid foundation for overcoming hurdles and paving the way for expansion.

But Ashley’s journey wasn’t defined solely by strategic planning. She discovered the power of community, the invaluable support system that she likened to a village. “They say it takes a village to raise a child,” Ashley says, “however, it also takes a village to run a successful business. A village full of resources that can help skill and get your business to operating at its full potential.”

With each step forward, Ashley embraced collaboration, fueled by determination and the unwavering support of her community. Her story is a testament to the power of vision, dedication, and the collective spirit that can help any small business thrive.

Ashley’s personal background and what inspired her to open Glitz Fix Waxing Studio:

Ashley is a licensed esthetician who attended HP School of Esthetics in Palos Hills, IL. After graduating, she was hired at a large waxing franchise and quickly rose through the ranks to become a Regional Trainer. However, she eventually decided to start her own business, Glitz Fix Waxing Studio, in response to the demand for her services.

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