Southland Development Authority is excited to recount our experience at the first annual Illinois Government Contracting Summit, hosted by the Illinois APEX Accelerator on March 19, 2024. This unique event offered an invaluable platform for learning and networking, particularly for those keen on exploring government contracts.

Our Director of Business Growth Services (BGS), Emmanuel Davila, alongside BGS Relationship Manager, Chris Cooks, and our Director of the Metals Hub, Harry Holtz, had the opportunity to attend this groundbreaking summit. The event showcased a series of expert speakers who shared their profound insights on navigating the complex world of federal, state, and municipal government contracts.

During the summit, Harry Holtz, our Director of the Metals Hub, had a chance to interact with various attendees and fellow exhibitors. He expressed his appreciation for the opportunity, stating, “We would like to thank Mr. Darryl Thomas and his APEX team for this valued event. Metals HUB appreciated the invitation to join this summit with an exhibitors table and meet with many of the attendees. This was a good opportunity to introduce ourselves and assist people and organizations new to Metals HUB. We also took advantage of the many breakout sessions made available to everyone attending this summit. Very interesting subject matters were introduced and discussed by the panel groups. Mr. Thomas and his team did an outstanding job of bringing everyone together for a great day.”

One of the highlights of the summit was the range of breakout training sessions. These sessions provided attendees with tailored guidance and knowledge, equipping them with the tools necessary to excel in the competitive government contracting landscape. Additionally, the event offered a chance for meaningful networking, allowing attendees to forge new connections and explore collaborative opportunities.

The theme of the summit, “Get the WIN,” perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the event. It aligns with SDA efforts – to support and guide businesses in the Southland in winning government contracts. We are especially proud of the proactive steps taken by our Business Growth Services and Metals Hub teams in this regard.

We extend our congratulations to the Illinois APEX Accelerator team and their State Director, Darryl Thomas, for organizing such an impactful event.

The SDA remains committed to building on the knowledge gained from the summit and applying it towards our goal of fostering business growth and success in government contracting.

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