Cook County, IL, [May 14, 2024] – The Southland Development Authority (SDA) is pleased to announce that its business line, Business Growth Services (BGS), has been awarded a significant grant as part of the Economic Empowerment Centers (EEC) initiative. This prestigious grant was highlighted in a recent press release by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO), which announced the selection of ten agencies for this honor.

The EEC initiative by Governor J.B. Pritzker aims to support economic development and community revitalization efforts across Illinois. The grant awarded to SDA’s BGS unit will significantly bolster the organization’s mission to foster growth, innovation, and sustainability within the Southland region.

The funding will be directed towards several key initiatives, including expanding resources and support for local businesses to stimulate growth and create jobs and creating cohort training.

The announcement underscores the vital role that organizations like SDA play in driving economic progress. The EEC grants are part of a broader strategy to ensure that all communities, particularly those that have been historically underserved, have access to the resources and opportunities needed for sustainable growth.

SDA’s leadership expressed deep gratitude for this recognition. “This grant will enable us to enhance our services, provide more support to local businesses, and drive impactful community projects that benefit the entire region.” said Bo Kemp, CEO of the Southland Development Authority

For more information about the Economic Empowerment Centers initiative and the complete list of recipients, please visit the Illinois DCEO website.

About Southland Development Authority

The Southland Development Authority is a nonprofit business organization launched in 2019 by business, civic, and political leaders from around the Southland who recognize the potential of the region’s people, businesses, and real estate. Our mission is to bring the resources and capacity needed to achieve transformative, inclusive economic growth for the south suburbs with a focus on investments in the Southland’s communities, industry, housing, and workforce.

We work steadfastly to connect Southland business owners, investors, and individuals with key resources to operate and thrive in the region, from equipping mid-size and small businesses in our Business Growth services Program with customized advice and consulting services, to helping local residents access the tools needed to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. With a deep institutional knowledge of the Southland’s people, markets, and history and our multifaceted, experienced team, the Southland Development Authority is a powerful partner for any individual, business, or investor.