In a celebration of innovation and empowerment, the recent “SheInspire: Women of Impact – Inspiring Change” event brought together a diverse group of female leaders who are inspiring change across industries. This gathering was more than just a networking event—it was a powerful exchange of stories, strategies, and success principles that resonated with every attendee aspiring to make an impact.

A heartfelt appreciation goes out to the keynote speakers of the event, whose experiences and wisdom were the evening’s cornerstone. We extend our gratitude to Felicia D. Hardy, CEO of Intuition Enterprise Inc.; Socorro Vazquez, CEO of Toro Construction Corp; Traci Quinn, CEO of Pink Hat Construction & Development Group; Noeli Serna, Founder of Serna Legal Services; and Jameisha Trice, Creative Director of Inkstars Creative Group. Each speaker illuminated the path with their unique narrative, providing actionable advice and demonstrating unwavering resilience.

The conversations ranged from the importance of intuition in business, as highlighted by Felicia D. Hardy, to the groundbreaking work of Socorro Vazquez in construction, a field traditionally dominated by men. Traci Quinn spoke of the innovative approaches in the construction sector, while Noeli Serna shared her legal expertise in navigating business complexities. Jameisha Trice rounded out the discussion with her creative strategies in brand storytelling.

If you couldn’t join us for this event, don’t worry. The Southland Development Authority is planning more gatherings that promise inspiration and community engagement. 

Stay connected with the Southland Development Authority for announcements on upcoming events. Together, we can build a future that celebrates and uplifts the powerful role of women in our society.