At Southland Development Authority, we’re thrilled to highlight the work of MVP Studio and Spa. Their recent event, focusing on community health, showcases how we support local businesses in making a real difference. MVP Studio and Spa, led by Micki V., hosted an outstanding “Community Empowerment through Awareness” event, spotlighting HIV and AIDS prevention on a significant day dedicated to women and girls’ health. This event is a prime example of how SDA’s support extends beyond advice and capital to actual community impact.

Our collaboration with MVP Studio and Spa entailed strategic marketing planning and leveraging media contacts, culminating in a feature by The Lansing Journal. This is what SDA is all about – empowering local businesses to make a real difference in the community.

We’re committed to seeing our members flourish and make positive changes. Stay tuned to our blog for more inspiring stories and how SDA is helping to shape the future of local businesses and communities.

For an in-depth look at MVP Studio and Spa’s event, head over to The Lansing Journal.